1920 Founder: Hans Erich Dolter

The vision was to build a company that focuses exclusively on hairdressers as business partners

Hans Erich Dotter establishes a chemical factory. The business focuses on the production and sale of hair cosmetics exclusively for the stylist.
Goldwell’s very first product was an innovative cold perm that makes the stylist’s and client’s life easier, since the thioglycolic acid technology it       could be used at room temperature.

Goldwell takes its first steps into the care category with a shampoo system that’s economical in terms of dispensing and professional in terms of handling.
Goldwell come out with Sprühgold the no. 1 salon hairspray in Germany to this day, with advanced aerosol technology and outstanding performance.

Goldwell expands and takes its business model outside of Germany for the first time – to the United Kingdom.

 1971- 1978
Goldwell moves into new categories like permanent color, new products, and first salon-exclusive hair care and styling range.

Goldwell crosses the Atlantic.  First in Canada as a test market for North America, then to the United States of America in 1982.  Continuing their global reach to Australia in 1983.

Goldwell partners with Kao who have the same values and belief system

The company continues to grow and expand throughout the years improving and launching new products.  Including some of the best know in the industry, kerasilk, colorance, elumen, the stylesign collection, silklift, and nectaya just to name a few.

Carters Salon is a proud carrier of Goldwell’s color line and products.  We have been receiving the Salon Alliance titanium level achievement award since 2009. This award is the highest level any salon can attain with Goldwell.


We have had to meet stringent retail purchase requirements, education, and training with all the Goldwell and KMS products. This process takes over a year– four straight quarters of growth, education and commitment to our clients and our business to achieve this level of professionalism.
Titanium is a very exclusive club–When we first acheived this status 5 years ago, we were just the 17th salon out of 470,000 salons in the country and only the 2nd Titanium salon in all of Wisconsin to achieve this success!  We were able to accomplish this in this small town of Grafton, WI with half as many stylists as other competing salons for this honor in larger cities.  Now there are over 40 salons receiving this same award.