Almost all hair-straightening irons are ceramic, because this material heats evenly, causing less damage to hair follicles. Some straightening irons also emit negative ions, which help the body release healthy nutrients along the hair shaft. Cheaper straightening irons are metal coated in ceramic, which produce an inferior look.


The pros of using a straightening iron include reduction of frizz, as well as your hair looking smooth, shiny, and healthier.  Quick heating time, and the flexibility of changing your hairstyle without going to a salon also prove to be a perk.


The primary con of using a straightening iron is that, with repeated use, hair can get dry, brittle and damaged. It can lose shine and look dull and unhealthy. Frequent use may create split ends.  The cost of a quality straightening iron can also put  a dent in your wallet.  Most irons do come with a warranty and last for years.

Prevention/ Solution

To help prevent your hair from breakage that is sometimes associated with the heat from a straightening iron, you should use a heat protection spray. It will hold moisture in your hair as you straighten it. Some hair protection sprays also will help safeguard your hair against heat and humidity throughout the day.