Gel nail polish goes on like regular enamel nail polish, but is then hardened by curing under an ultraviolet light.  The process includes three steps of a gel base coat, gel polish, and a gel top coat with an end result that looks like an acrylic manicure.  Gel nail polish lasts up to two weeks without chipping or peeling, and retains its shine as well.  Their are different kinds of gel polish a few are listed below:

Harmony Gelish
OPI Gelcolor
CND Shellac
Sally Hansen Pro Gel
IBD Just Gel
EzFlow TruGel

Carters Salon uses the CND Shellac line.  Shellac is the originator of gel polish and has remained the leader in the industry. Having high-quality products, and staying new and innovative are just a few reasons that contribute to that.  Gel nail polish is an ideal product for those who are active, and do not have time for the maintenance of artificial nails.